Bichon Frise

Was known as the pampered pet of French royalty in the 18th century (bichon mean lapdog in French; I frise means curly), it is believed that the bichon frise is descended from the French or Belgian dogs brought to the Canary Islands by sailors. Formerly called Tenerife. It is a race walking happy, vivacious, confident and encabritada, with a pure white coat which may have stains in cream or apricot. It has large, round, dark eyes and nose. It is said they that are of the most ancient breeds, without regard to the ancient Oriental breeds. This cheerful razaes intelligent and easy to train.

Ideal for first-time owners, is balanced and sociable with known and unknown. The Bichon Frise, properly cared for her hair, is a delightful puppy. It is active, very attractive with her pure white hair and big black eyes, he is tireless. This is the dog that is noticeable in some of the paintings of Goya. Grooming: The fur confuses with ease, so the daily brushing is essential. Loses hair curlers and is usually trimmed following the contours of the body; then you brush it in form of a cloud. Banelo once a month. Recortele the hair around the eyes with meticulousness to prevent tear stains.

Food and exercise: with enough game to keep him happy, but loves walking and romp to air free. It has no special power requirements. Health: Can suffer from epilepsy and displacement of ball joints. It is also prone to eye problems, such as cataracts, and blockage of the tear ducts, which can make the eyes lagrimeen and staining the white hair. This and other articles you can find Fauna. Original author and source of the article.